ReadiStreet and Corona Virus

Coronavirus had a huge impact on our street outreach activities and we had to seriously restrict and daily review our “soup run”.

In full lockdown we are unable to use St Mary’s Church.

We did everything we could to continue to collect and distribute sandwiches outdoors. Being outside automatically reduced the person to person infection risks. Generally guests came and went quite quickly. We encouraged this!

There were also issues around food supply as Pret a Manger at times had been closed and at others needed to vary their opening hours, affecting when we could collect their surplus food.

We also of course had concerns around the potential contamination of the packaging of sandwiches.

However, we got back as soon as we possibly could with social distancing, masks, gloves, hand sanitiser for guests, sprays and wipes! Indeed the guests, albeit sometimes as many as 70, were pretty good at following the guidelines.

Thankfully by the middle of 2022 things had pretty much returned to normal.