Financial Support

ReadiStreet is one area of our ministry that relies completely on donations.  These come from mainly individuals but also churches and are used as effectively as possible to directly support those people we are seeking to serve.

We are very careful to ring-fence donations made to the Charity so that people giving to us can be assured that their money is being used for the purpose that it was given, whether that be for this more openly Christian element of our work or an area that is far less obviously evangelistic such as ReadiFood.

We endeavour to be as efficient in our use of money as possible but inevitably have salaries, rent, utilities and vehicle running costs, etc. to pay for.   Could you spare even 5 pounds per month? It would really help.

To donate instantly  to ReadiFood text   RFFB24 £10    or  £5  (or other amount) to  70070

Click on the image below to download a pdf. form which you can complete, scan and email to us to donate one off or set up a standing order




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