FAITH have owned (or rented) a number of vehicles over time, reflecting our growth and current needs.

Famously the “Candle Tea Bar” was our first proper vehicle.

In the late 90’s something of a precursor to our current vans

In an attempt to have a more versatile vehicle we bought a Zafira in the early 2000’s

Reverting to a proper van around 2007 thanks to a generous donor

For many years now we have had a small van to do our pickups and deliveries in. Without it we simply couldn’t functions as we have grown from doing just a few parcels a week to almost 200 today.

In 2016 we were offered a free leased vehicle from Toyota Reading.  It was a considerably bigger van and enabled us to do so much more and be more efficient.

In 2017 TOYOTA came through yet again by replacing the van with the latest model

Toyota now lease us a van on very good terms

We also have a smaller Nissan delivery van. This one we own.

It is great having the flexibility of two vans, but remember that we need to fuel, tax and insure them. Your donations are very welcome!

Finally there is the recently purchased Tea Bar catering van which again we have been able to purchase due to an extremely generous donation specifically for the purpose.

Inside theTea Bar

As it says on the van “Thank you Ted