What is available to street homeless

In addition to the evening provision made available by ourselves there are other groups providing assistance to rough sleepers and / or people in need   What’s on where 2017   What’s on where map 2017.doc


One amazing provision that has existed for years is the drop-in centre on Berkeley Avenue

The Churches in Reading Drop in Centre has been providing food, clothing, hospitality, internet access, friendship, advice, etc. for many many years

Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, CiRDiC does a fantastic job and “Faith” have partnered with them for many years as a complementary service

Sunday Food Provision

On certain Sunday afternoons there are drop-ins on Coley Park (The Way);  and on Northumberland Avenue run by the Seventh day Adventist Churches  until March 2017 they also ran one in the Fairview Community Centre on George Street, but that has closed! They are hoping to restart at the branch of the SDA on Portman Road.


IRIS drug advisory and support is available to anyone needing support in recovery or drug replacement support